• Industrial Noise Control and Acoustic Test Facilities

IAE works together with dB Vib in the field of industrial noise control and acoustic test facilities. dB Vib has more than 30 years experience in this field, we aim to provide the most state of art solutions for all customers.


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Acoustic Test Facilities



IAE?with dB Vib company, relying on world-class?engineering team, international project management process and rich engineering project experience, from design and evaluation to production, installation, control, quality control, providing customers with turnkey acoustic test facilities.

Word Class Design & Engineering Team

Professional Local Support & Service Team

International Project Management & Implementation

High Level Quality Acoustic Products

  • Passby Noise Test Chamber

    UTAC CERAM Semi-anechoic chamber for passby noise testing. Designed and valided according to ISO 3745 & ISO 362-3 (2016).

    Passby Noise Test Chamber
  • NVH Center

    NVH Center including full vehicle semi-anechoic chamber, full anechoic chamber, quiet room, reverberation chamber, etc.

    NVH Center
  • Full Anechoic Chamber for Aerospace Air Management System

    Full anechoic chamber convertible to semi-anechoic chamber. Adjustable floor to keep the test specimen in the center. Special room ventilation system to control the airflow and temperature in the chamber.

    Full Anechoic Chamber for Aerospace Air Management System