Sonic.Brain - Intelligent EOL Testing

In order to meet the new demands of industrial automation and intelligence, IAE’s experts have concentrated on the development of intelligent production line?testing system Sonic.Brain, assisting or replacing?human inspection, helping to create intelligent factories that meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.



– Self adaptive, self learning

– Multi-feature comprehensive assessment

– Information analysis, organization and storage

– Defection and fault classification

– Flexible system structure

– Cloud management

Help to the factories



– Improve efficiency and reduce cost

– Improve quality control accuracy and reduce human influences

– Realize network control and data management

Application Scenarios


Quality Assurance

Non Destructive Testing


Machine Health Monitoring

ITT high precision data acquisition system


ITT (Intelligent Test Terminal) vehicle-mounted test system is designed with centimeter-level accuracy, cloud service and networking functions. The system can collect and store vehicle status data in real time, process and control the data through 4G/5G mobile network, and assist V2X vehicle communication to display and store various data and information of multiple vehicles in real time. It is mainly used for:

– Vehicle comprehensive performance test data acquisition

– Rapid prototyping during vehicle development

– Testing and Validation of ADAS system during vehicle development

– Data acquisition during intelligent network system development




– Vehicle performance test

– Vehicle handling test

– Brake test

– Coast down test

– Regulations test





More systems




Data Acquisition Systems



Acoustic Cameras